CBN Cutter: The Tool for Turning Carbide Roll Rings on Mill Rolls

Rongli Forging Co., Ltd. Announces the Use of CBN Cutter to Process Mill Rolls

Rongli Forging Co., Ltd, a leading supplier of quality assured forging products including free die forging, open die forging and steel forging, recently announced the use of CBN cutter for mill rolls processing. The company is known for its advanced technology and innovative approaches in providing superior-quality products to its customers.

Mill rolls are an important part of any rolling mill as they are very difficult to process due to their hard surface and complex shape. Rongli has been searching for a solution that would enable them to effectively process these rollers without compromising on quality or cost efficiency. After extensive research and development efforts, the team at Rongli developed a new tool called CBN cutter which can be used for turning carbide roll rings with ease.

The introduction of this cutting-edge technology will not only enhance productivity but also ensure superior product quality in terms of strength, stability and accuracy as compared to other traditional methods such as grinding or lathe machines. This innovative technology utilizes diamond particles along with special lubricants that allow it to cut through tough materials like carbide with precision while minimizing wear on tools during machining operations. Additionally, it makes it possible for Rongli’s engineers to achieve high levels of repeatability when producing multiple pieces from one setup which further increases productivity by reducing time spent changing setups between runs significantly.

Having already achieved great success in several projects related wind power industry key products ,the introduction of this new tool is expected take production capabilities at Rongi Forging Co., Ltd even higher level .With the help of their experienced engineering staff combined with state-of-the art equipment like CBN Cutters ,they are confident that they will continue delivering top notch services & solutions tailored specifically according customer needs & requirements .

Post time: Mar-01-2023