Hydraulic Cylinder Barrels and Plungers

Rongli Forging Co., Ltd, as a China leading manufacturer of open-die forging parts, has been supplying hydraulic cylinder barrels and stainless steel overlaid plungers for over 18 years. We registered the hydraulic cylinder barrel and plunger brand "Litelang" in China, based on our experience and expertise from hundreds of hydraulic cylinder parts we manufactured.

The features of our hydraulic cylinder barrels and plungers including:

1. For any barrel or plunger less than 4000 mm (13 ft.) in length, our 7000-ton press is capable of open-die forging it as one single piece. This process avoids weldment which might undermine the mechanical performance.

2. For any barrel or plunger greater than 4000 mm (13 ft.) in length, we are able to forge several pieces and SAW weld them together, with our SAW welding robots in house to offer our customers stable and reliable welding quality.

3. Our plungers can be SAW overlaid with a 5-7 mm (0.20"-0.28”) thickness layer of 2Cr13 (SAE 420) stainless steel followed by finish turning and grinding to Ra 0.4 um. This 5-7 mm cladding layer reaches the hardness between 45-50 HRC to offer our products great wear and corrosion resistance. Our overlaid plungers can offer you:
a. More life time. With our 5 mm thick overlay, you will see your plungers serve longer and reduce your shut down cost.
b. Our overlaid plungers are repairable. Any spot lost the protection of the overlay can be cleaned and re-cladded, so you do not have to scrap your entire plunger.

4. Our unique forging technique enables us to forge the hydraulic cylinder barrels more close to net shape, which means less material to be machined off and more cost efficiency for our customers.

Our Hydraulic Cylinder Barrels and Plungers can be applied on forging presses, hydraulic presses, plastic injection molding machines, aluminum die casting machines, extrusion machines, drawing machines and any equipment containing high pressure hydraulic cylinders.

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Post time: Sep-10-2022